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William CheWilliam Che 

Who has setup Salesforce Provisioning

All I want is for Okta to provision (when user is assign to app) a SFDC login with the required data from SFDC.

Besides enabling this feature, I feel like there's additional mapping that needs to be created but don't know the specifics.
ThomasThomas (Okta, Inc.) 
Herre is documentation on new integratoin related to SF provisioning:


I trust you will find helpful.

Okta AdminOkta Admin
That's a sales sheet, it doesn't actually explain how to do it.

For instance, Roles and Profiles are of type "reference" - how do we pre-fill those using provisioning?
NikkiTest GroupAdminNikkiTest GroupAdmin
I found a how-to in the app, on the provisioning tab, right outside the box in teeny tiny blue letters it says "How to configure Salesforce"