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Jeff SwiftJeff Swift 

Mimecast Plugin for Outlook - SSO

Hi all.  Is anyone running the Mimecast Plugin for Outlook?  If so, do you have the SSO working with the MSO v6.1.x?  Mimecast isnt being terribly helpful.
ThomasThomas (Okta, Inc.) 
Here is dialog from our developer site on Mimecast that maybe helpful:


If you don't find your answer here I suggest that you ask your question at our Okta Developer site:



Okta AdminOkta Admin
I am working on the same thing currently.  If i get it working i will let you know what i have come up with.
Okta AdminOkta Admin
Ok i just got it working.  What i needed to do was setup an additional app within Okta using the Template for SAML 2.0.  The Post back URL, Recipient and Destination are all set to https://us-api.mimecast.com/login/saml

The Audience Restriction is us-api.mimecast.com.<cust#> for example us-api.mimecast.com.CUSA12A123

Thats all you need on the Okta app part.  I also selected mine to not be displayed in the Okta portal for users being that its just for the Outlook Client.  Next is the setup with Mimecast.

Within the Mimecast Admin portal go to Services, Applications, Authentication Profiles.  If you already have the admin and MPP configured with SAML just go into the current profile you have setup for that.  Scroll down and check the box for Enforce SAML Authentication for End User Applications.  The SAML setup instructions given from the Okta portal will help you fill this out. Save that and you should be all set.  I hope this helps.  If you have any issues just respond back and i will keep checking back.
Jeff SwiftJeff Swift
Jeff - Fantastic!!!  I'll try this and let you know how I make out.
Jeff SwiftJeff Swift
Jeff - Thank you very much for the instructions.  This worked perfectly.  Really, really, really appreciated.
Okta AdminOkta Admin
No problem.  Glad it worked for you.
Abdullah ShohagAbdullah Shohag
Hi Jeff Janovich.... i am trying to sort out this setup however what is the settings i need configure on the outlook plug-in, the only credentails i can set are the cloud authentication, is that correct? if yes the authentication doesnt seem to work  
Richard RaibleRichard Raible
Awesome.  Totally worked.  I've been beating my head against this off and on for a while....if only i'd type the correct search terms into Okta "mimecast outlook"  :)
Mission ConnectorMission Connector
I'm struggling with this. I followed the directions but if I try to log in with the Outlook plugin it times out. If I try to just use the Okta app I get redirected to https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/connectivity?status=false but I'm not sure if that should work just with a browser. I have no problems with my Personal Portal setup just this. Any ideas?
Mission ConnectorMission Connector
And I just solved my own problem. If anyone else gets the same thing, make sure the NameID is set to unspecified. I had it set to emailAddress and things were failing.
Daniel MirandaDaniel Miranda
Trying to follow Jeff's instruction, you said you setup additional apps, does this mean I will have two Mimecast apps in Okta, one is for Personal and the other is for apps devise?

- daniel
Ben SnapeBen Snape
Cheers for the fix
I amended the API to the europe region. eu-api.mimecast.com/