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Tony MuiTony Mui 

how to reset mfa for someone

Hi there.  We have a global policy for everyone that requires MFA set up during initial log in to OKTA.  I have a user who cant sign onto OKTA because he is getting prompted for security question or SMS authentication.  Went into his account in OKTA and tried to reset his MFA but there were none to choose from unlike the other accounts we have.  How do i resolve this?
Patrick WilcoxPatrick Wilcox (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Tony,

To reset a user's MFA, click on Directory>People and then click the "Reset Multifactor" button.  Select the user(s) you wish to reset and click the "Reset Multifactor Authentication" button.

Patrick Wilcox
Okta Tech Consultant
Tony MuiTony Mui
Yes that's what I tried but for this user, there are 2fa set for user to reset
Mariusz KowalskiMariusz Kowalski (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Tony,

Could you describe which of the factors doesn't reset? Resetting MFA is meant to reset every factor type associated with the particular user so he should be prompted to add each in turn.

Mariusz Kowalski
Okta Tech Consultant

Min LeMin Le
I also reset multifactor, but when user sign on, it doesn't give her option to setup multifactor again? can you help