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Steve RobertsSteve Roberts 

Okta Mobile security

Is there any plan to increase the security log in method for mobile devices similar to those used by online banking?  It would be good to see a more secure authentication method such as asking for random characters of a password you are required to set up rather than the current 4 digit PIN.
NikiNiki (Okta, Inc.) 
HI Steve,

this would be a great feature request for our product management team to consider. Please post it as a new idea to the IDEAS zone on our community:

A similar request has been posted for fingerprint authentication for mobile devices:

You can always upvote this idea and add your feedback and suggestions as a comment to the post for consideration. 

(Community Manager)
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Steve
Check out the Passcode Policy section here:


Gabriel Sroka
Victoria StaplesVictoria Staples
The fingerprint auth idea would be great. Secure yet still easy to use instead of yet another ultra-secure but ultimately frustratingly forgettable password that user's may end up writing down somewhere... not so secure after all!