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Tanay Shankar PandeyTanay Shankar Pandey 

Okta Username customization

Hi ,

Is there any way where i can configure okta username apart from the default email id format, may be employee id or any custom attribute.
Jamie McDonnellJamie McDonnell (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Tanay,

Are you looking to change the username in terms of letting your users log into the Okta service with their employee ID or other custom attribute rather than their email address?  If this is the case we have a new feaute enhasncement which is in the EA (Early Adoption) phase of our release lifecycle that will allow this.  To have it enabled for you to test, you will need to log a support ticket with our help desk and request that Extensible search for Users is enabled.  They can then talk you through the details.

Kind regards,
Jamie McDonnell
​Senior Customer Success Manager