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Okta AD AgentOkta AD Agent 

SWA for Office 365 no longer automatic login...

Strange, first noticed this morning.  We have Office365 configured as a SWA application.  In the past if you hit the front door or used a chiclet, the username and password fields would populate and login the user.  Today, we are seeing the username and password populate but the all important "Sign In" button needs to be clicked to actually login.  Is this new behavior?  Thanks! 
Drew PadorDrew Pador (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Scott,

Thanks for posting your question to the Okta Community!

We do support SWA for Office 365, but we recommend configuring it as a WS-Fed App. Here are a few overviews of federating your Office365 domain with Okta:



This can be a bit of a process, so you may want to submit a ticket to the support group to help with the migration from SWA to WS-Fed.

If you have anymore questions or comments regarding this, please feel free to reply here.

Drew Pador
Technical Support Engineer
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Joe FedorowiczJoe Fedorowicz
Hey, thanks. We are planning to federate but cannot until everybody has been imported into Okta. As we are doing this synonymously with other softwares, it will be over the next month. Are you saying that it doesn't work? And who is Scott? JOE FEDOROWICZ HARMELIN MEDIA | IT MANAGER t: 484.270.9541 c: 215.738.1489
Okta AD AgentOkta AD Agent
Thanks Drew!  Question, we are in hybrid mode using DirSync, can I set-up WS-FED with this confguration?  Thanks! 
Drew PadorDrew Pador (Okta, Inc.)

SWA should work just fine, but if Microsoft has made any changes to the login flow, the all important clicking of the sign in button may have altered.


WS-FED doesn't require DirSync, but it can be running along side Okta since DirSync is only a federation between your on premise Acitve Directory and Office 365. When Okta federates with your Office 365, it will match all users within Okta then take care of provisioning to O365.

Again, this process is very detailed, so you will definitely want to reach out to your account rep and let them know you want to move forward with WS-FED.