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Jeff SwiftJeff Swift 

Slack Provisioning

Is there a guide/paper on enabling and configuring provisioning for slack?  The provisioing feature was added in the 2015.45 release and we would like to take advantage of it.  

Drew PadorDrew Pador (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Jeff,

In order to enabel provisioning for Slack, you will want to navigate to the Okta admin page and modify the application setup. Ensure you have Saml 2.0 set as the Sign-On option and once you have configured Slack with the details provided in the setup instructions, you will then be able to move to the 3 step and setup provisioning of the application.

In regards to the provisioning itself, your profile master attribute mappings will have to be confirmed to ensure the proper fields will be imported when provisioning the user to the application. If you require additonal asisstance with setting this up, you can submit a technical support request and have one of our technicians walk you through the process.


Drew Pador
Okta Technical Support Engineer