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Luca BenelliLuca Benelli 

Google apps and mutliple ADs

Hi all, 
we are looking for a solution for a problem with a bigger Google Apps organization containing different companies. 
Google Apps let's me set a single SSO source, can OKTA act here and route the authentication back to google apps or other sources (different ADs) basing on the domain of the username? 

We have companies with AD while others don't have it and so want to use Google auth. 

Thanks a lot in advance! 
Drew PadorDrew Pador (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Luca,

Thanks for posting your question here in the Okta Community!

Okta does support multiple directories syncing to one application, but it sounds like you will need to set Okta as the Source of Truth for your user accounts so when they connect to Google with their authentication token, they will be routed to the correct applications.

If you need more information regarding this integration, please submit a help ticket so one of our support staff can assist you.

Drew Pador
Technical Support Engineer
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