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Edward SargentEdward Sargent 

New Okta IE Plugin 5.6.0 fails to update with Windows 10 x64 Ent.

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How is this resolved? The Version of Win 10 I am on is the most resent Stable (Slow Ring) version of the O/S.
Matthew ElcockMatthew Elcock
Same question here. I've been able to keep moving by cancelling the prompt but I will have a non-zero number of users who will be running into this issue when they try to use Okta at the beginning of the month so we need to have a version of the plugin that will work with the most recent version of the OS.
Kevin BoothKevin Booth
My company is in process of deploying Okta to the company, and everyone with Windows 10 is having the same issue as well.  I have the old plugin, and it is working fine.  Is there a way to download the old version of the plugin?
Eric EvrardEric Evrard
Same issue here.
Any reply from OKTA ?
Edward SargentEdward Sargent
We have a Reply...
"Hi Edward,

This is currently a known issue with plugin version 5.6.0 and is being tracked and worked on via internal bug report ID OKTA-84356.   Plugin version 5.5.2 should still install and work on Windows 10 until 5.6.0 has been fixed.
Thank You,

Todd Jones
Okta Global Customer Care"
Grant CummingsGrant Cummings
Thanks Edward... how do I get the old plugin version?

Okta-Erich ZielenskiOkta-Erich Zielenski
Any update on this?
Edward SargentEdward Sargent
I have received a message today, they had me test a new plugin. It worked. I believe with how quickly they are working on this I expect the new plugin to be available soon. As I don't want to break any user agreements with them I am not going to attach that file here. But keep checking in Okta to see if they release a new plugin soon.
Jimmy PanagakosJimmy Panagakos
what's the ETA on this?
Matthew ElcockMatthew Elcock
It's been five days since the last request for an ETA, can we get an update?

Matthew ElcockMatthew Elcock
FYI: You can download 5.6.3 which works with Win 10 here:

I've successfully deployed it on my work PC without issues.