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Alex NicastroAlex Nicastro 

Powershell Script Confirm Okta User


 I am trying to write an okta script for our helpdesk.  I am trying to do the following:

1. Activate a user 
2. Confirm a user

Once I activate a user I noticed the user goes into Password Reset.  I think its cuz the user was in disabled users.  I am trying to find a user to test with, I think when i reactivate the user it wont go into password reset.  Instead of going into Okta -> Directory -> Directory Integration -> Active Directory ->  Import -> 1 Partial Okta User Match Found -> Confirm

Is there a way to confirm a partial okta user in powershell.  I appreciate your help and sorry for the newb question.  

Alex Nicastro
Asher RosenbergAsher Rosenberg

Check out Matt Egan's extenstion to the standard Powershell API, which is available here https://github.com/mbegan/Okta-PSModule

He's added a lot of useful functions.

Alex NicastroAlex Nicastro
Yea, thats what i been using.  Also,  I can't seem to confirm a Partial User.  Is there a way to list all users that need confirming, and confirming them?