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Alan AshtonAlan Ashton 

Managing Google Apps Licences in Okta

Hi all,

I've been testing using Okta for Google Apps licencing so that I can remove the Google Apps Directory Sync setup we have in place at the moment. I have managed to setup Okta to assign the correct licences when accounts are created but am unable to assign the correct licence when users are suspended. (Functionality doesn't seem to be available on okta to do this)

Has anyone managed anything similar. Am I missing something?

Setup Required

Live User has = 'Google Apps for work unlimited' & 'Google Apps Vault' licences.

Suspended User has= 'Google Apps Vault - Former Employee' licence.
Drew PadorDrew Pador (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Alan,

Thanks for posting in the Okta Community!

Okta does support the pushing of OU's to Google which will allow you to define licensing assignments in the Google Admin site. Here is a link to the support documentation that covers this:

If you have anymore comments or questions about this, please feel free to reply!

Drew Pador
​Technical Support Engineer
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Alan AshtonAlan Ashton
Hi Drew,

I can push active users to OU's but require de-activated users to move to a certain OU. Currently it doesn't look like this is available on Okta. Can you confirm?

Cheers Alan
Jonny FordJonny Ford
I opened a support ticket for exactly this request Alan. The answer is that you cannot currently do this and to file a Feature Request. 
Alan AshtonAlan Ashton
Thanks Jonny. I filed a Feature request and was then told to create an 'Idea' on the Community which I have done as well.

Fingers crossed for this feature :)

Cheers Alan