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Taylor HaydenTaylor Hayden 

How do I log in to custom websites?

I am trying to create a custom application so that users can sign in to our wholesaler's website through Okta instead of having to share a password.  I entered everything in as the tutorlia shows, but when I click on the application in Okta, it just takes me to the website.  The username and password fields are left blank.  I have the Okta extension installed in Chrome.
Parth SwadasParth Swadas
Hi Taylor,

A quick answer on this :

1) Create SWA Application
2) Mark Automatically log in when user lands on login page option
3) From Sign-on Method, select the applicable option ( Administrator sets username, user sets password / Users share a single username and password set by administrator etc)
4) OKTA extension : You already have it as per your comment

If still OKTA does not inject the username/password automatically, you can create a Custom OKTA application(Go to ADMIN console -> Add Application -> Add Template Plugin App 3 Fields). You can use Username field,Password field,Login Button. You can get this value from your Browser. Open the application web page and then browser -> developer -> Inspector. You will receive all the values for the respective fields like for login button -> input#email , Password button -> input#pass.

These fields vary for diferent application. You can get these details from your browser. Add it to OKTA. It should be able to login then.