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Leif DreizlerLeif Dreizler 

Set which admins receive emails

Is it possible to set which admins recieve emails? We have a couple of administrators that only administor a single app, but they still get acct lockout emails. 

These users can do nothing to help these users, they don't have full admin rights to reset passwords, send temp passwords, etc and should be excluded from these emails :)
Raja NejemRaja Nejem (Okta, Inc.)
Yes, you can.  Have those admins go to the admin portal > Settings > Account and configure the Email Notifications
Leif DreizlerLeif Dreizler
So its not possible to set this for them? That would be much more convenient. Realistically these emails should be off by default considering they are not actionable for those types admins.
Andy PoirierAndy Poirier
I've gotten the same response from them. Why are admins that can't do anything notified of a user lockout? No good answer has ever come up.
Leif DreizlerLeif Dreizler
Yeah, the answer I have been given is that they should turn it off on their own. In my opinion the notification should have never been sent to them in the first place.
There's an idea / feature request for this at if you'd like to upvote it.
Okta DigiAdminOkta DigiAdmin
I asked the exact same thing, and they told me there was no way for me (as the master admin) to unsubscribe them from emails. If a user is only an app admin there is absolutely no reason why they should get emails about people being locked out.