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Angela CragheadAngela Craghead 

Connecting Okta with Domino?

Hi, We are trying to connect Okta with Domino. I used the SAML 2.0 template and am passing email address (okta id in our instance).

My co-worker has configured SAML within Domino using the Okta metadata that was provided.

However we are not having any luck getting the connection working. Okta logs show that the connection was successful, but Domino does not appear to be accepting of this. The Okta circle spins and spins. We confirmed that in Domino that the Federation product is set to TFIM and that there are no spaces at the end of any of the lines in the metadata.

Any thoughts or suggestions of what to try next?

Thank you!!!
Raja NejemRaja Nejem (Okta, Inc.)
I suggest running SAML tracer to verify the right name is being sent.  Also, looking at the logs in Dominos.

One thing I noticed in Dominos is line breaks that needed to be taken out when uploading the certificate.
Edward HollidayEdward Holliday (Okta, Inc.)
have you had a look at this community post we have configured SAML template with lots of IBM applications that are SAML compatible.

Are you trying to integrate Okta with an IBM SAML app or the Domino LDAP directory using the Okta LDAP Agent? what is the URL you use to log into the app you are calling Domino ?
Tristan StutzmanTristan Stutzman
I am also having an issue with getting Okta to work with Domino.  Using the SAML Template kind of works but still getting some errors.  Has anyone had success with this?
Angela CragheadAngela Craghead
We were never able to figure it out and ended up letting it go because we are slowly moving out of that environment anyway. Good luck! Best Regards, Angela Craghead Guardian Industries Corp. | Guardian Central 2300 Harmon Rd. Auburn Hills, MI 48326 P. 248.340.0013 |
Sorin BadeaSorin Badea
Does anyone know of a successful integration With Domino and Notes? There is very little information out there. We are trying, but hitting multiple road blocks.