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VPN Notifications - Okta Mobile app

Greetings!  We have enabled VPN Requirement Notifications for several apps.  This is working great for Desktops and properly shows the message.  However, at least on Android the message doesn't appear.  If I try to visit one of the chiclets that requires VPN, I only get DNS error/page can't be displayed. 

Is this the expected behavior of the Mobile app?

Nick AscencioNick Ascencio (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Scott,

I understand your question as looking for confirmation on whether the Okta Mobile app should display the ‘VPN Required’ message in the same manner as for the desktop version.

I can confirm that currently the Okta Mobile app will not display the VPN Required message. The typical message displayed will be a DNS/timeout ‘Page cannot be displayed’ type error. If this is a feature you would like to see in Okta Mobile, please send to it to us as a feature request using the ‘Post Idea’ button in the link below.


Thank you,
Okta Support