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Kristian PetersenKristian Petersen 

Google apps provisioning and Mail aliases


Is there anyway we can provisioning mail aliases when creating users in Google Apps using Okta? We are currently using Exchange to we have the alisases in the AD attrivute ProxyAddresses. 

Nick AscencioNick Ascencio (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Kristian,

It is possible to map AD attributes across to Google Apps when creating or updating user profiles. You can do this in the 'Application --> Provisioning --> Edit Attributes --> Map Attributes' feature.

I did note that you also have a case open for this question as well. I will leave it to the engineer assigned to your case to provide more detail on this process if needed.

Thank you,
Okta Support
Will GodfreyWill Godfrey
Is this possible? I don't see any mapping options for Google Alias' in the mapping schema.
Okta AdministratorOkta Administrator
Any update on this matter?

We mapped the proxyaddresses attribute from AD to Okta, this worked fine, is there any way to map this attribute to the user.alias in GSuite? Can't seem to find any attribute matching this.