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William GregorianWilliam Gregorian 

DocuSign Integration

I'm setting up the DocuSign app in Okta. It seems there is no way to view the DocuSign groups in Okta. Is there a way to specify and push the group the user belongs to from Okta? 
Raja NejemRaja Nejem (Okta, Inc.)
You can push groups to Docusign if you have provisioning enabled in Okta.  Go the to the app in the admin portal and select "Push Groups".  This is where you can push the groups to Docusign.
William GregorianWilliam Gregorian
Hm. Push Groups seem nice if we were to start from scratch, but we have existing groups in our DocuSign account that I need to integrate the Okta users with. I suppose we'll have to assign manually.