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MidCap Administrator AdminMidCap Administrator Admin 

Create distribution list from AD to Okta to 365


I have tried Push Groups but it seems this makes a Security Group.  I am trying to sync a distribution group from AD to Okta to 365

Any tips or advice appreciated!

Eddy GuerreroEddy Guerrero
I thought Okta couldn't do distribution groups, contacts, or additional attributes to the 20 they allow. The deployment guide says: If you need to synchronize distribution groups, contacts, users attributes (beyond the 20) and also have a hybrid environment with Exchange and Lync running on-premises, then DirSync would be the right choice.

Maybe that only applies if you're running a hybrid environment and if not, then it should work. I can't say for sure but I hope I helped.
Marc JordanMarc Jordan (Okta, Inc.)

Hi Dataprise Admin, 

Thanks for posting in the community.

The ability to sync DL's exists in Office 365's new enhanced provisioning functionality (formerly called v2 Provisioning). We currently have this scheduled to enter the Early Access program from the middle of next week. 

Once it's EA, the support team with be able to turn the flag on for you which will make the setting available, though nothing will happen until you actually make the configuration change in the Provisioning tab of the O365 App.

In many environments, this can be a pretty significant change, so we recommend considering assistance from Okta's services group as part of the change over.