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Raj SinghRaj Singh 

servicenow - ios native app


How we can open native SN app from OKTA app rather webview in OKTA.

Raja NejemRaja Nejem (Okta, Inc.)
You can email support and ask them to turn on MOBILE_SSO to allow users to launch thick apps on Okta mobile.  This feature is in Early Access and will GA shortly.
Alexander StavitskyAlexander Stavitsky
Please note that the current version of SN app has an issue with SSO and SN is aware and working on a fix.
Max KizilovMax Kizilov
Has this issue been resolved? We are trying to configure SN Native app with OKTA on a mobile device.
Alexander StavitskyAlexander Stavitsky
No, SN app will not work if you are using SN Okta plugin.  According to SN it's because SN Okta plugin is using API instead of SAML.  Does not sound like it's going to be fixed any time soon.
Max KizilovMax Kizilov
Does anyone know if this was ever resolved?
Alexander StavitskyAlexander Stavitsky
Okta has a new ServiceNow app (EA) that uses standard SAML and it does not conflict with iOS SN app.  It does have other issues being EA...