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Ben SnapeBen Snape 

Sharepoint site using Office 365 federation

I've configured Office 365 to fedrate with Okta and have been asked to add a direct link to the companys Sharepoint site which is differnt to the main Sites page.
I can add a bookmark app as the instructions here but it often fails to login if the user has not already connected to Office 365 in the same session.  Is there an app that can use the WS federation and point to a specific sharepoint site such as

Thanks Ben
Wils DawsonWils Dawson (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Ben,

You can! But first, I'd recommend looking at the Sharepoint applications that are already in the Okta Application Network as they will be easier to configure in general. If those pre-configured Sharepoint applications don't work for you, you can search for the "Template WS-Fed" app. Instructions for configuring that are here:

If for some reason neither of those approaches work, please contact Okta Support and we'll figure out the best way to help you accomplish what you need to.

James GarvinJames Garvin (Okta)
You could create a template plugin app and just fill in the username in the Sharepoint login screen and then the Federation with O365 would take care of the rest.  
On office 365 tenant, you can have a look to this feature: it enable automatic redirection to OKTA (in our case). This is very usefull as you only need to publish real url: and you are redirected to OKTA if not already authenticated.
Ben SnapeBen Snape
Thanks for all the advice, I'll try all the options and see which one works best for the users