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Kimberly FuhrerKimberly Fuhrer 

Edge Browser Support

Is there an Edge browser plug-in on the roadmap?  
Hassen KaraaHassen Karaa (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Kimberly,
Yes, we plan to support Edge browser once extensions support is fully added in Edge: https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2016/02/03/2016-platform-priorities/
We'll hopefully be able to accomplish that in the next 6 months. 

Hassen Karaa
Director of Product Management 
Kimberly FuhrerKimberly Fuhrer
thank you!
Tri HuynhTri Huynh
According to LastPass, they have released  a new version that supports extension (EDGE). The extension will be widely available for all Microsoft Edge users later this year.
Here is the link: LastPass (https://blog.lastpass.com/2016/06/announcing-lastpass-for-microsoft-edge.html/?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=2016-06-23_LP_CUST_EM_Global_EN_ADH_NL_Newsletter%20Premium%20Nov-Mid%20Dec%20(1)&utm_content=&cvosrc=email.silverpop.2016-06-23_LP_CUST_EM_Global_EN_ADH_NL_Newsletter%20Premium%20Nov-Mid%20Dec%20(1))
I’m hoping OKTA can provide this feature as well.
Rob ButterworthRob Butterworth
The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now out and the version of Edge therein supports plug-ins.  When will the Okta plugin be available? 
Jacob TrojanJacob Trojan
Any update? We are over a month in at this point....would be very useful to have.
Steven BlendellSteven Blendell
Any Update?
stephanie shawstephanie shaw
Any update of Edge browser support?
Steve ParankewichSteve Parankewich
Any update on this?
Holt SatterfieldHolt Satterfield
Any update on this?
David RoyDavid Roy
Any update as we would like to retire IE?
Daniel ScolandDaniel Scoland
Hi, this just came to mind also.  Any word on Okta support for Edge?  Thank guys!
Martin RuesMartin Rues
C'mon Okta! 9 months and no response. That's a bit rude don't you think? Just give a yes or no or a rough timeline
Ed SawmaEd Sawma (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Everyone,

Edge support is coming soon for our browser plug-in for SSO! Our current plan is for it to be available in Early Access by April 2017.

Robert ChristensenRobert Christensen
Any update on Microsoft Edge support?  Still on track for EA this next month (April 2017)?  Many of us have been patiently waiting, but to the point of becoming disappointed in the product that it hasn't been released yet (especially when promised so long ago.)  Thank you for any reply!
Ahmed Al-BaharAhmed Al-Bahar (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Everyone, 

Edge Support is ready and is currently in EA state.

We are waiting on Microsoft to run through the process of getting the Okta plugin approved on the MS Edge browser extension store. 

Currently the MS Edge browser extension store has 23 extensions approved. We are working with our release team to navigate the process with MS on getting our plugin approved. 

In the mean time, I will be working on a short guide to be able to download the Okta MS Edge plugin so that admins and prospects can have a good look at our Okta MS Edge support while we work on getting the Okta extension on the MS Edge browser extension store. 

Feel free to email me at ahmed.albahar@okta.com with any questions. I will be adding a wiki link guide on how to add the MS Edge extension including the Okta MS Edge download file for POC purposes in the mean time.
John SullivanJohn Sullivan
Is this ready yet? Can we download and test a beta version of this?
Joseph PopikJoseph Popik
Has there been any progress on this?  Not having a Okta extension for Edge is really hurting the future of Okta in our enviroment.
Doyen BlairDoyen Blair
Any update on this?
Ahmed Al-BaharAhmed Al-Bahar (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Everyone, 

We spent the last few weeks fixing bugs identified from early access testing of the plugin.

Next step will be to complete the application to add the Okta Edge plugin to the MS Edge extension store this month (June 2017). 

Once the application is complete, we will be looking to the MS Edge team on timeline expectations to accept and post the Okta Edge plugin on the extension store. 

Tom TruettTom Truett
Again, any update?

Mike GoralskiMike Goralski
The pace of this is glacial and disappointing, Okta.
Frank BenusFrank Benus (Okta, Inc.)

Hi all,

I wanted to post a quick update on the progress we are making on this topic. We have succesfully completed the fixes and enchancements in the EA version and have submitted the app to Microsoft Edge store in the second week of July. We are currently awaiting a response, but expect the app to be approved.

Thank you for your patience, our high standards on quality and security require us to heavily invest in QA processes, this somethimes may lead to a longer release cycle but ensures stable and secure releases. 

We are on the case and will keep you updated in this thread. If there is an urgent need for the EA version, please contact us, and we will investigate if and how we can make the EA version available to you. More information on EA restrictions for production invironments here: https://developer.okta.com/docs/api/getting_started/releases-at-okta.html 


Frank BenusFrank Benus (Okta, Inc.)

Hi all,

Again a quick note, just so you know we are all over the topic. We are in close contact with MSFT and are clearing the last small bits and bumps to get the extension approved. We are also working to get all the quality controls in place for future releases, so we can maintain the extension is a responsible way. Please hang in there, we will keep you posted. 

Thank you for your patience,


James HamiltonJames Hamilton
Hi! Just wondering where this was at? My company has mandated that Edge become the default browser. Obviously with the current state of Edge not supporting SSO with Okta this is a problem. Thanks!
Mike DargieMike Dargie
Seems like you are close, can we expect the release soon? Like James and few others have mentioned Edge is becoming a main browser for many users.
Ahmed Al-BaharAhmed Al-Bahar (Okta, Inc.)
Hi all, the Okta Edge plugin is currently in early release. You can download the plugin today via our unlisted download link (https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9pkzgd0qvlx6) on the edge store. 

The early release of the Okta Edge plugin will be made self service downloadable next month (November 2017) for all end users on the end user dashboard with a download prompt.

Scott LuziScott Luzi
Thank you for the update, Ahmed!
Partner CommunityPartner Community

Hi all,

I am not sure if evertone have seen recent release notes (Preview Release 2017.44 on November 1, 2017), which contains the phrase "Support for the Microsoft Edge browser plugin" under GA. 

This is great news, as production will follow directly after preview as ussual. 

Thank you for your patience and keeping us focussed on this, and Ahmed and his team for working very hard on this. I will leave further updates on the topic to Ahmed and his team.


John AltonJohn Alton
Any idea when the Surface Hub / Edge will be able to install / run the Okta plugin? 
Eric DavisEric Davis
Yes, is there any roadmap for having Okta work with Microsoft Surface Hubs?