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Nicholas RodriguesNicholas Rodrigues 

Attribute Statements for AccelOps

We are trying to add an Attribute Statement for our AccelOps application, but AccelOps is not ingesting the new attribute.  Has anyone written an Attribute Statement to send email to AccepOps?

I have tried changing the Application username format to Email, but the Users are still being ingested with their Okta Usernames.

I currently have the following Attribute Statement configured:
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday
Hi Nicholas,

I am not sending any additional/custom attributes through to Accelops. I believe they are only looking at the nameid in the subject of the assertion.

To change this value you would modify the application uesrname format from the Application->Sign On->Settings menu.

I haven't seen the latest AO SAML documentation but that is how i have mine configured and it works fine. If you are trying to populate additional information for users in AO i don't know if their ACS does that, we use LDAP to populate the users but SAML for authentication.

Hope that helps,

Nicholas RodriguesNicholas Rodrigues
Thanks Matt,

Did you have to do any special configuration in Okta or AO to authenticate to the LDAP accounts?  We had AO pull accounts from Okta to authenticate against.