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Keith TeachKeith Teach 

Okta push group to Jive

We have noticed that the group push to Jive seems to not work correctly. Any rule must first be restarted in order for new groups to be sent downstream. Also, name changes or group deletes do not get passed on either. For example, you change a name of the group in Okta, the name does not change in Jive. We changed the name of a group from "Jive" to "ExternalUsers" in AD, Okta, and Jive. Now when a group sync occurs to Jive the old group name is recreated and users are added to the newly created "Jive" group instead of "ExternalUsers". Please check the log files - I did a push at Feb 11, 2016 12:35:46 PM and would like to know what was sent to Jive. OKTA-82844
Nick AscencioNick Ascencio (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Keith,

In reviewing the comments attached to case OKTA-82844, it appears that this was confirmed as normal behavior and an alternate workflow was suggested.

For a change to the standard behavior for Jive push groups, it would be an enhancement request to be evaluated as a feature in an upcoming update to the Okta service.

Thank you,
Okta Support