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Initial Rollout Instructions

Would anyone be willing to share your user rollout instructions, announcement? The communications you used to alert the user community Okta is coming, and then the instructions provided as to what changes they would see, and what they would need to do in order to start using Okta.

Sharon AzzamSharon Azzam (Okta, Inc.)

Okta has an End User Adoption Toolkit that contains Communication templates, training templates, quick reference guides and a project plans to assist you in your roll out of Okta.  Here is the link


Sharon Azzam
Technical Instructor
John BrosiusJohn Brosius
Sharon - Were can I find the various videos that the User Communication Template references? 
Alex TurcoAlex Turco
Sharon - 
the link you provided does not have any sort of roll out instructions for end users. Some of our users are remote and I am in the process of preparing a power point deck w/ screenshots that walks remote users through the initial set up. I am looking for screen shots for when the user firsts logs into Okta, has to select the picture and then the next couple steps before they land onto the Okta Home Page. Is there any documentation that provides this?