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Danny PANSDanny PANS 

Auto Deprovisioned (deactivated user)

When i look into the "Deprovision Details" reports i see a lot of "Auto Deprovisioned" entries (avg 10 entries / per day).

I’m wondering what triggers the auto-deprovisioning (deactivate user) and if this is normal behavior.
The only info i could find regarding this topic is the diagram showing the state model for a user (

What triggers the auto-deprovisioning (deactivated user) on the following changes of state:
staged -> deprovisioned
provisioned -> deprovisioned
active -> deprovisioned
password_expired -> deprovisioned
locked_out -> deprovisioned
recovery -> deprovisioned
suspended -> deprovisioned

Thanks for your feeback.
Raja NejemRaja Nejem (Okta, Inc.)
Deprovisioning can be initiated by several ways.  If a user is entitled to an app and the entitlement is removed, they will get deprovisioned.  If you have entitlement to an AD group and the user is no longer in the group, they will get deprovisioned.  If a user is deactivated in Okta, they will get deprovisioned.
David GuaraldiDavid Guaraldi
Can an account get deprovisioned automatically when an AD account Expires?