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Srujana DevaSrujana Deva 

How to import the Service Provider metadata.xml to Okta?

How to import the Service Provider metadata? I'm trying to configure a weblogic server as Service Provider. I want to import the Service Provider metadata.xml to Okta.
Raja NejemRaja Nejem (Okta, Inc.)
From your Administrator Dashboard, select Security > Identity Providers, and then click add identity Provider.
John EddyJohn Eddy
i think Srujana means how to download the metadata from a vendor (aka Service Provider) and use that metadata.xml file FROM the vendor (aka Service Provider) to create a custom app in Okta for SSO to that vendor (aka Service Provider).  I'm looking to do this myself so any help that can be provided would be much appreciated.
Rob PragerRob Prager
I am also seeking the same that John E. has outlined. Create a SAML app based on Service Provider metadata.
Todd FredricksTodd Fredricks
I have the same question.   I would seem this would be a logical way to setup a new application but in searching I am finding nothing.
Alison GoddardAlison Goddard
Any Luck with this? I have the same question. 
Frederic BucheFrederic Buche
Has anyone found the solution ? I'm also getting the same issue, thanks
Dalton Kole-OktaDalton Kole-Okta
I have a customer that sent me the metadata as well. Someone got this answer?
Clay RomeiserClay Romeiser
There's a feature request for this one - but sadly, no, it doesn't look like this is possible.
Nathan StilesNathan Stiles
I need this also
Dennis VlasikovDennis Vlasikov
There's no XML import functionality. What you'll need to do is open the XML and read through it. The metadata should contain the apps EntityID as well as the Post Back URL, and any other settings that the app requires will be set within the data (just match the content to the options in the saml 2.0 template, and anything not explicitly referenced can retain default settings). 
Okta AdminOkta Admin
Has the Metadata import been added as a feature yet? Sure would be nice.
Jeff SwiftJeff Swift
Any update on this?  It would helpful when companies send the customer the XML file.
Justin LawrenceJustin Lawrence
Any update on this?  I think this is a necessary feature request . . .
Stefan RothlehnerStefan Rothlehner
Created a feature request: