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Jordan NolanJordan Nolan 

Connect a Cloud account to an AD Acccount

I have a room mailbox where I need the mailbox logon to be enabled.  We what to associate a Video Conferencing system that works on Skype for Business with the room mailbox so when you book the room the meeting appears on the video systems calendar as well.

In our Exchange 2010 setup we simply enabled the AD account for the mailbox and set up a password.  The left the mailbox as a room but enabled us to add the Skype for Business setup to the account.

Right now we have Okta syncing our AD users out to O365 and provisioning the account.  This enabled conference room is synced out as well and it provisioned the Skype and maibox, but it provisioned the mailbox as a User mailbox, not a room in O365.

I ran the powershell Set-mailbox to change the conference room from a user to a room mailbox, but O365 disabled it.  I try to run this powershell command to enable the mailbox:

Set-mailbox -EnableRoomMailboxAccount $True

But it gives me an error that it cannot enable the mailbox without setting a password.  So I tried the following powershell commmand:

Set-mailbox ( -RoomMailboxPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -String 'Password@1' (mailto:'Password@1') -AsPlainText -Force) -EnableRoomMailboxAccount $True

But this gives me an error saying that I am federated and I have to use my AD to set the password.

Any ideas on how I can enable the mailbox.
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Hi Jordan,

that is an interesting quandry.

Are you running aadsync or is okta doing the AD->O365 provisioning for you?

What happens if you define a password on the user account object in AD? (ala Set-ADAccountPassword).

Jordan NolanJordan Nolan
I am using Okta to to the AD->O365.

I used the AD Users and Computers GUI to disable and re-enable the account and also reset the password.  No luck.

When I disabled the account I confirmed that I was not able to login.  I would enter the conference room email address and get redirected to my Okta where I would get denied until I re-enabled the account in AD.

Do you know if it is possible to create an room in the cloud and enable it as I want, then attach it to the Okta synced account after?