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Evan TorkosEvan Torkos 

Okta Signout and redirect

At one point Okta had a really simple logout and redirect route. The signout works, but the redirect functionality seems to no longer be supported.

Has the fromURI been renamed or dropped in favor of the below approach?

ref. https://okta-public.hosted.jivesoftware.com/community/okta/blog/2014/01/31/logout-and-redirect-to-an-url
Raja NejemRaja Nejem (Okta, Inc.)
You can add your logout url in the Okta portal.  admin > settings > customization sign-out page.
apireadonly localapireadonly local
We have the customization sign-out page set to URL1. But we have couple of applications that do not want to send their users to that URL, is there a way we can signout Okta and redirect the URL to specific URL2 for those 2 applications and keeping the custon URL signout in Okta to URL1?
Asher RosenbergAsher Rosenberg

Tien, we are currently using this for several of our Apps, and it is working fine for us. The only difference I see is we are using HTTPS for the fromURI, in the format of https://ourdomain.okta.com/login/signout?fromURI=https://ourwebhost.com/SignedOut.htm