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Subhomoy-Admin Chakraverty-AdminSubhomoy-Admin Chakraverty-Admin 

AWS Workspace Integration

I have a On-Prem directory that I have leveraged to build AWS Workspaces by using the AD Connector. I am planning to deploy a OKTA AD Agent into this on-Prem AD. But i am not clear how I can use OKTA IDP/SSO features when users use the Workspace client app on their BYOD desktops/Laptops. Anyone tried this config ?
Chris DoddsChris Dodds
We are in the same boat. 

There's no way to initiate the client app from the Okta portal. I believe that browser-based WorkSpace access is on the public AWS roadmap, and that would probably work, but no SSO for the thick client at the moment.
Rich DandlikerRich Dandliker
On a related note, Okta now supports 2FA for Amazon Workspaces.  You can find out more info here (
Kurt BertelsenKurt Bertelsen
Link is orphaned.
Paul MoorePaul Moore