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Okta AdminOkta Admin 

office 365 400 error

Has anyone ever received this error message before?

Automatic provisioning of user Andre Brown to app Microsoft Office 365 failed: Could not push profile for Office 365 user, received error: 400 Uniqueness violation. Property: SourceAnchor.

I have  been looking all around for a solution to get my users synced with 365, but so far no luck.
Marc JohnstonMarc Johnston (Okta, Inc.)

Sounds like you have a disconnect between AD and Okta and Office 365.
  • Verify the AD account
  • Match all usernames in AD, Okta, and O365 
  • Import the user into Okta from AD
  • Import that user into Okta from O365 
  • Match the O365 imported user to the Okta user
  • Confirm assignment
  • Username should propagate from AD to Okta to O365
Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Thank you
Okta Support