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Byron ZhaoByron Zhao 

applications provisioning

So soon we will have about 500 users getting onboard at the same time. It is easy to have their account created in AD and import them into Okta, and assign Office 365 license. But we have quite a couple applications that doesn't support SAML, nor intergrated with AD. One way to do it is to send them each an email with 10 usernames and passwords on day one when they are getting on board, and hope it doesn't scare them off and create mass amount of helpdesk ticket. So here I am looking for a solution that help making it easier to manage. Thanks for any help in advance!
Drew PadorDrew Pador (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Byron,

For the applications your users will need access to that do not support SAML, first check to see if the application is in the Okta Application Network (OAN) by clicking the Add Application from the Okta Admin Console under the Application drop down menu. If the apps don't already exist, you will want to create the application using one of the Template Apps:
User-added image
When configuring the Sign-In Options, choose the option that will best suit your needs for the application (Using the same Password as Okta would be your easiest bet):
User-added image

If you have any further questions regarding this, I would suggest contacting our support team so they can walk you through the process of setting up new SWA applicatons.

Drew Pador
Technical Support Engineer
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