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Dave ParkerDave Parker 

Okta -> Service Now Express - Missing "City" field

Greetings All,

We have a running instance of Snex, and late last year, applied the Okta plugin to map user attributes from on-prem AD. Everything is flowing as expected, except the "City" field.
I can confirm that if I make a change in AD on a user's City field, that change makes it to Okta web page, but that field fails to map onto Snex.
From what I have read, there is some finger pointing as to whom allows which fields to populate from where. 
Has anyone struck this and found a workable solution. The only one that Snex forums seem to push is to map via the "cost_centre" field, but that requires me to re-write the logic that I have already created to assign tickets/incidents based on callers.city
Josh DonelsonJosh Donelson
Hi Dave -
At the moment, Okta doesn't provision into the City field in ServiceNow Express. The fields that we do populate are the ones listed in the provisioning section of the ServiceNow app in Okta. However, each of those fields does allow for full attribute mapping via the Profile Editor, which is what allows us to push a value from AD into a field that we are able to provision.

Feel free to drop me a line at Josh.Donelson@okta.com if I can be of assistance.
Dave ParkerDave Parker
Is this a limitation on the Snex side, or on the API side, and if it is on the API side, can I vote it to be "upgraded" to allow the City field to be consistent from AD <=> Okta <=> Snex.