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Gregg PolitesGregg Polites 

Are certain user properties not able to have a filter applied?

I am using the API to pull a list of users that have not logged in with X amount of days.  When I send the GET request, I get back:

  "errorCode": "E0000031",
  "errorSummary": "Invalid search criteria.",
  "errorLink": "E0000031",
  "errorId": "oae4-ksXbvLQGeSM671uwRAMg",
  "errorCauses": []

The filter string I use is:


It seems to be the correct format because if I switch it to filter on the "lastUpdated" property, I receive a list of users as expected.  EG:


Is the lastLogin property filterable?
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday
Hi Gregg, I've not seen a definitive list of attributes that are filterable but I know it is currently limited. I am also under the impression that plans exist to make this list of indexed/filterable attributes configurable by an Org administrator. I have used to the hunt and peck approach to find that these are the attributes are filterable.


Hope that helps,
Raphael LondnerRaphael Londner (Okta, Inc.)
As a matter of fact, the only user attributes that are currently filterable are strictly documented in the following section of our developer site:

The lastLogin attribute is unfortunately not filterable at this point.
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday
Thanks for the Clarification Raphael

Reading that section it comes across as more of an example of filter formats that CAN be used not as a definitive and strictly described list of attributes and operators combination that can be used.


Gregg PolitesGregg Polites
Thanks Raphael, I saw that list before but I didn't take it to be exhaustive.

I do hope it can be added.  The only way for me to work around this is to pull a list of all users and filter on that.  This is something I'll need daily so it might be a bit of a resource drain.
Sam YatesSam Yates
So are the operators on that list also the only ones that are supported?  Specifically, is "eq" the only thing you can use for a string comparison?
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday
Hi Sam, yes.

if you need something that does a more ambigous name resolution you can use this
Searches for user by firstName, lastName, or email value. This operation is ideal for implementing a people picker. This operation does not support pagination