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Fergus CaldicottFergus Caldicott 

Provisioning with Replicon (cloud version)

I've successfully setup SAML 1.1 with Replicon and would like to use Okta provisioning too.  When I provide the provisioning credentials and test the API from Okta to Replicon I get this error: "Verification failed: Error authenticating: The server sent HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized"

The Replicon user is a superuser with access to everything in Replicon, including API access.  I've successfully tested the API interface in Replicon using the same account.

Thanks for any ideas!

Here's the detailed log entry in Okta:

Message Error authenticating: The server sent HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized
Session ID 101iYPfBNtGQfOtZAnr-ZS0CA
Request ID VreAMozPa0CcGsoc-v@JdgAAHFQ
App replicon - Replicon
Performed by Fergus Caldicott (
Client IP
Request URI /admin/app/replicon/instance/0oa4406inoYAdfaFI0x7/settings/user-mgmt/validate
Marc JohnstonMarc Johnston (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Fergus,

One way to trouble shoot is to install Firefox and the add-on SAML Tracer. Once installed, click on tools -> SAML Tracer. A window will open up. Clear the new window and then test the API from within Firefox. You will see a SAML bubble on the right. Click the bubble and then SAML tab in the lower window.

Many times in this case your IDP is using a different key for digital signatures than it defines in metadata. So you would need to look for the mismatch.

If you are still having issues, I would suggest opening a case so that this could be looked at in greater detail.

Thank You
Okta Support

Okta AdminOkta Admin
Hi Marc,

This is in relation to Provisioning not SAML.

We are seeing the same error. I spoke with Replicaon technical support and they advise the Okta connector is using the "old" URL. This technical person was the one to work with Okta initially to develop the connector.
He advised for Okta to contact him at Replicon to update the connector.

I logged a support case in the meantime and hope that Okta and Replicon can work through this.