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Nicholas RodriguesNicholas Rodrigues 

Okta cert for AccelOPs

I am configuring AccelOps for SSO through Okta, but according to Okta, only SWA is supported.  But inside AccelOps, they are requesting a cert, which makes me think SAML.  Why does Okta only support SWA, but the AccelOps option that says "Okta", requests a cert?
Wils DawsonWils Dawson (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Nicholas,

Adding a fully supported SAML integration into the Okta Application Network takes a bit of time so we prioritize those that we add. From our data, it looks like several customers have created their own integrations. You can use the App Wizard (https://support.okta.com/help/articles/Knowledge_Article/Using-the-App-Integration-Wizard) or, alternatively, create a Template SAML App (https://support.okta.com/help/articles/Knowledge_Article/Configuring-Okta-Template-SAML-20-application) to set up a SAML integration to AccelOPs.

We are currently looking into supporting AccelOPs in the OAN for SAML 2.0, but I'm not aware of a specific timeline for when that work will complete.

Hope that helps,
Wils Dawson
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday
Yup, works just fine as a regular SAML app, using it here.

As an asside, how do you like Accelops?
Nicholas RodriguesNicholas Rodrigues
We are very impressed with AccelOps.  Granted, we have been testing, and are about to go live.  But hopeing to finish getting the SAML part setup before then.