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Todd JohnsonTodd Johnson 

Does Okta support Microsoft RMS (Rights Management Services)

Need to know if RMS is supported by Okta. We are planning our o365 migration and a question came up as to whether Okta supports RMS.  The best I can tell is this depends on how WS Fed has been implemented in Okta, whether it's implemented as a subset of the protocol or if Okta supports the entire WS Fed protocol. Also it would be good to know if Okta has done any testing with Azure RMS or on-prem RMS.

Marc JordanMarc Jordan (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Todd,

Great question, we have done testing and support Microsoft Azure RMS.

The Azure RMS implementation relies on a couple of things. First and foremost, that the correct AD attributes have been synchronized to the Azure platform in order to authenticate successfully, this is generally a given, though for your reference the list of these attributes is available from .

As you mentioned, the other requirement is the ability for Azure to succesfully authenticate back to the Okta platform via WS-Fed. Okta supports both Active and Passive federated flows for WS-Fed\WS-Trust and, in addition, has support for Modern Authentication if you are using one of the new Office clients or the modern Azure RMS sharing application

Hope that helps with your journey to Office 365.