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Wayne KalseyWayne Kalsey 

Template SAML 2.0 App (Deprecated)


Our OKTA console shows "Template SAML 2.0 App (Deprecated)".  We have numerous applications configured with this template.  Should we be concerned that our already configured applications will stop working at some point or does this only affect newly created applications?

Thank you in advance.
Krishnan VenkatramanKrishnan Venkatraman (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Wayne,

We will still support it. But enhancement wont happen for those templates any more. You should start using the SAML Wizard which supports additional features and all the enhancements will be made to it going forward.  We recommend you to start using the SAML wizard for new custom apps and if possible over course migrate the old apps to the new one.  But we will support the template apps.

Okta AdminOkta Admin
Hi Krishan,
It would have been better to have a feature to migrate the existing "Template SAML 2.0 App" configurations to SAML Wizard with click of a button rather than recofniguring from scratch using the new wizard.

Wayne KalseyWayne Kalsey
Thank you both for the response.  I do agree with Viswanath that it would be very helpful to have a migration wizard.

If I am reading the first response correctly, I do not have to worry that the template will stop working.