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Tiffany LTiffany L 

Change Workday Import Time

Is there a way to specify the time at which an import from Workday should occur? For example, we have an import set to occur once per day and it appears to run at noon, which is not a good time for it to run. Is there a way to change this so it runs at say 5:30pm instead?

Also, is there a place that tells you when these default settings run so that if I change it to twice per day, for example, I can tell our team when they're actually going to run rather than guessing?
Carl WolffCarl Wolff
Hi Tiffany,

The initial start time is determined by the moment at which the import settings are saved. Typically the subsequent scheduled imports will run, at fixed intervals, after the prior one completes.

So, if we wish to import once a day starting at around 5:00pm, we could set the import interval to once a day, and save said change at 5:00pm. This would trigger an initial import at 5:00pm. After that import has completed the interval time begins. In this case the next import would commence approximately 24 hours after the prior job completed.

For example if the import takes about 5 minutes to complete, than the timing of the subsequent scheduled import will shift 5 minutes later the next day.

For example:

Day 1: Scheduled Import starts at 5:00pm and ends at 5:05pm
Day 2: Scheduled Import starts at 5:05pm and ends at 5:10pm

Day 3: Scheduled Import starts at 5:10pm and ends at 5:15pm

As the scheduled imports continue to shift it may require some adjustment  to keep the start time within a given range. This is not usually a problem unless the specific start time is crucial. If  it were crucial than one option would be to manually trigger an incremental import at the specified time of day. This would be desirable if the specific start time was of greater importance than automation.

I hope this addresses your question, and welcome any follow up for clarification as needed.


Tiffany LTiffany L
That answers the question. It does seem odd that a product built on automating the identity life cycle would force you to choose automation or customization in this case.