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Rocky ReyesRocky Reyes 

Have variable session timeouts been enabled?

Have variable Session Timeouts been enabled? I have two apps, BambooHR and Docusign, that are logging users out after 30 minutes (sometimes longer) even as they are actively typing into the fields.
BambooHR is using SAML and Docusign on SWA.
The session lifetime in Okta is set to 6 hours.

Is anyone else experiencing this? The users are swearing it's Okta.
Eric KarlinskyEric Karlinsky (Okta, Inc.)

Rocky - 
An approach that may work is to reduce the session lifetime to a very short duration within BambooHR and Docusign, and then set the session lifetime in Okta to the duration that you want. That way, the session will frequently expire within the app, at which point, the end user will be redirected to Okta to authN.

As for the Session Timeout policy - which allows you to configure different Okta Session Timeout Durations for different groups fo Okta user - the feature is in EA. So you can ask support to turn it on for you if you'd like.



Octavian JurjaOctavian Jurja
Has this been implemented? I don't see the seesion option when creating a SAML app.
test newtest new
Hello Rocky and Octavian,

To answer Rocky's question Okta has a default Sign-In Session time of 2 hours.

Once you select the Application for the Service Provider the Service Provider at this time will enforce the Session Time out.

Here is a KB article to configure Okta's Session time.


To answer Octavian question 

Here is a KB article for Application Polices