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Angela CragheadAngela Craghead 

Login prompt to IWA server when using Win 10 and Edge browser

We are piloting Windows 10 in our environment, and the users that are currently on this platform and are also using Microsoft's new Edge browser are getting prompted to log into the IWA server. Once they enter their credentials they pass through. However, in this same OS, if IE or Chrome is used, the user is SSOd in to the app immediately without issue. Any other experiences with the Edge browser?
Marc JordanMarc Jordan (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Angela,

For browsers like IE and Chrome during the IWA process a couple of things happen. When a site requires authentication (like Okta's IWA server), the browser receives a 401 HTTP Status Code indicating that the client is Unauthorized. 

In these browsers, a setting exists that allows Automatic Login that is, in most cases set to apply only to sites in the Intranet Zone. The effect of this setting is that when the browser receives the 401, it checks to see if the site in the address bar is in the Local Intranet Zone for the browser and, if so, credentials are automatically provided.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not made the Automatic Login functionality available in Microsoft Edge (http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/apps_windows_10-msedge/how-do-i-enable-integrated-windows-authentication/5668886b-659f-4fec-97b5-db68593235b9).

One suggestion that could improve the experience for your users is to apply a Group Policy to control Microsoft Edge, they are detailed at https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/Mt270204.aspx and could include "Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List" or "Send all intranet sites to IE11". 

Angela CragheadAngela Craghead
We will take a look. Thanks Mark!
Brydon RaethelBrydon Raethel
@Angela it looks to me like IWA works just fine with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 after the anniversary update on Domain Joined machines.  Give it a shot