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Mukund PareekMukund Pareek 

ultipro Integration Documentation

I am looking for documentation for Ultipro and Okta integration, same like documentation for Workday. I am looking for all the features supported for Ultipro integration and provisioning driven through ultipro updates.

Jim KnutsonJim Knutson (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Mulund,
We have a few demo videos available that may be able to help you with your intigration questions. Here is a link:
Our Support and Professional Services teams are available for additional help if needed. When considering HR driven provisioning from Ultipro our Professional Services team is a great resource to engage with to complete these types of intigrations. Please reach out to your Account Executive if you decide to engage with our PS team to help with your deployment. 
Evan KleinEvan Klein (Okta, Inc.)
The doc you are looking for is part of our in-product doc. When a user adds UltiPro as an app and checks the box to enable provisioning features, the link How to Configure UltiPro appears. This link opens the doc http://saml-doc.okta.com/Provisioning_Docs/UltiPro_Provisioning.html