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Jeff SwiftJeff Swift 

Workday mobile phone to AD

Hi all.  We're setting up WD to function as a master and we're trying to map mobile phone in WD to Mobile Phone in AD.  When we look in Okta, we see appuser.mobilePhone.  however, the value that is returned is "-" even though the user has a mobile phone listed under Additional Phone in WD.  Does anyone know how to pull mobile phone from WD?
David GenenzDavid Genenz
I'm not sure if this would work for you or not. We don't need the mobile number so I've not tried this myself but I do have the same "-" in mobile.

In Workday, our Workday admistrator created what I believe are custom "reports" to generate additional exportable workday fields. We've done this for the job/position ID, manager email address and primary work email address.Once these were created in Workday, I've then gone into Okta and Profile Editor, selected Workday, added attribute, refreshed the list, selected and added it. Then I've gone under Edit Mappings under Active Directory and selected the new custom attribute to map to the existing Active directory field. You should be able to something similar for mobile. Again, not sure why - shows up...

The key part is creating the Workday "report" for the exportable field correctly to pull it out
Jeff SwiftJeff Swift

Thank you for the responce.  THis is what we found.  The mobilePhone field for our users was set to Private in WD and was preventing Okta from seeing the value.  Once we changed the field from Private to Public Okta was able to read the value for mobilePhone and write the value into AD.  If I run into any snags I will post to the forum.  

Thank you.