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Mike KochMike Koch 

Does Okta support WS-Trust?

One of our third party applications supports SSO, "Your organization must provide access to a highly-available Identity Provider capable of supporting SAML Active Profile using WS-Trust over HTTPS."

Is WS-Trust supported by Okta, or is that a deal breaker for this app? If it is supported, can you point me to any Okta documentation that might assist me in integrating this app?


Drew PadorDrew Pador (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Mike,

Okta does support the WS-Trust protocol and you can use the WS-Fed template for creating such applications. Here is a link with instructions for configuring the Okta template we have for this:

Jim PrantzalosJim Prantzalos

The question originally asked about SAML Active auth using WS-Trust, but you answers with a link for SAML Passive auth with WS-Fed. However, your answer does seem to imply that WS-Trust is supported. Can you please clarify your answer?


Harry MeierHarry Meier
I'd like to ask this question as well. We just ran into this roadblock with Azure SQL authentication, and Microsoft publishes a guide to configure it in ADFS.