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Per LarssonPer Larsson 

Okta Verify with multiple accounts

Is it possible to use Okta Verify on a single smartphone with multiple Okta accounts? Say for example that we have our own Okta instance with MFA and Okta Verify enabled, and then I need to access a customer's Okta instance, which also happens to use Okta Verify.

Thank you.
Darron HellmannDarron Hellmann (Okta)
Hi Per Larsson

Unfortunately, the Okta Verify authenticator only supports one profile at a time currently. However, Google Authenticator will support multiple accounts on one authenticator.
Subhomoy-Admin Chakraverty-AdminSubhomoy-Admin Chakraverty-Admin
I thought it was announced at OKTANE 2016 that this will be supported in the latest version. Can I get access to the beta version of the OKTA Verify App if possible ?
Mike BartholomyMike Bartholomy
I'm pretty sure I heard it announced at Oktane 2016 that this was coming soon.
Eric KarlinskyEric Karlinsky (Okta, Inc.)
That's right, this enhancement is coming in the next GA version of the Okta Verify app for iOS, which will hit the App Store later this month. Unfortunately there is no beta program for this enhancement, but you'll get your hands on it soon enough.
Steve DrimonesSteve Drimones
Will there be an update for Android as well?
MLB AdminMLB Admin
Also wondering when this will released to Android devices...
Tony BeardoTony Beardo
Any updates of the updated apps for Andriod and iOS?
Per LarssonPer Larsson
The iOS app has been out for months now. Do you have any plans for releasing an updated app for Android?
Michael MongeauMichael Mongeau
Can someone from Okta provide an update?  We have a reall need for multiple profiles in Okta Vefify on Android.  
Stephen Brown-Veeva-adminStephen Brown-Veeva-admin
+1 for an update on this, this would be a hugely useful feature. I know latest version of Android can manage multi user profiles, but this requires OS-level swap of user profiles on the device, and the profile(s) have to be set up. Much easier would be to be able to switch Okta users within the mobile app, since we have tablets that are shared for access to various apps managed in Okta. thanks Okta team :)