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Christopher HudelChristopher Hudel 

Self-Service Password Reset using MFA Capability?


If a user is enrolled in MFA - can this be used as a password reset capability for self-service password resets?  For example, they could enter their username, answer the prompt for MFA (Push, OTP, or SMS) and then change their password and have that sync back with AD?
Eric KarlinskyEric Karlinsky (Okta, Inc.)

Hey Christopher,

Currently, this is not possible. We are enhancing Okta in 2016 such that you will be able to uses Okta Verify or any integrated second factor for password change and reset flows.



Christopher HudelChristopher Hudel
Great -thanks. I look forward to seeing the feature! :)
Parth SwadasParth Swadas

There is a similar feature request made. I've posted an Idea. Please refer the below link and upvote the idea.
Jed PascoJed Pasco
Hello Eric,

Is there a timeline for when the capability cited by the original poster will be implemented, by chance? 

Additionally, will we be able to use MFA for self-service account unlocks?

Alex ShchukinAlex Shchukin
We would like to see this feature as well. Is there an ETA?
Mark JensenMark Jensen
Hello Eric,

Following up on Alex and Jed's requests -- at this point, where does the MFA capability for self service password resets fall in engineering's backlog?  Any ETA?
Frederic PoncinFrederic Poncin
I would also appreciate an ETA on this. I suggest all admins in this thread to vote on the following ideas: