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Sufiyan ShaikhSufiyan Shaikh 

Okta Active Directory Agent connection disconnects

We're getting daily disconnect email alert that "AD agent for domain has stopped connecting" but then the connectivitygets restored after few hours with an email alert that "Okta directory agent for domain has reconnected". Can anyone let us know what could be possible issues and/or areas to look in so we stop getting such alerts?

Eric KarlinskyEric Karlinsky (Okta, Inc.)


While you can suppress these notifications in the Profile Settings interface, that might not be the right solution, depending on the cause. During the timeframe between the disconnection and connection alert, does the agent still work? Is it a false positive or is the agent really disconnected?

Are the alerts happening in the middle of the night? Maybe the server hosting the agent is going to sleep due to lack of activity.


IT - Jesus BrianIT - Jesus Brian
We get the same issue. Except it will not sync. You need to reboot the AD Server about once a week currently.