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Mukund PareekMukund Pareek 

getting application id using name

The API in AppInstanceApiClient allow us to search application instance using Id or status but not name. Is there an API which will accept application instance name as input and return the Id of it?

I need it because in custom application to request application access, users will see the application name and after selecting it, the code should be able to lookup for that appInstance in Okta using name and fetch Id and then the application assigning API will accept the Id and complete assignment.

Thanks and Regards,
Sameer Joshi
Aaron YeeAaron Yee (Okta, Inc.)
While we don't have a direct API call that does this, you should be able to achieve this with a series of calls:
  • Call the List Applications API method (returns JSON data structures that have info about apps)
  • Enumerate through the list and parse on name or label
  • This gives you the JSON data structure for the particular app
  • Once you get the matching JSON data structure, retrieve the ID from it
For more details about the app data model, see this: