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Mukund PareekMukund Pareek 

getting all app groups

Is there any API which can give me all the app groups for a particular application? The current implementation in AppGroupApiClient class in SDK gives me all Okta User Groups assigned to the application and not the app groups present inside the application.

James GarvinJames Garvin (Okta)
I'm not sure I totally understand.  You want to get a list of groups in the application?  The best method to do this is to use the API for the application and grab the groups that way.  
Mukund PareekMukund Pareek
I am methods in AppGroupApiClient class from SDK but it is not returning the list of groups in the application. It is returning the Okta User Groups to which thisapplication is assigned.
Aaron YeeAaron Yee (Okta, Inc.)
The Okta APIs don't currently support this query. As you mentioned, you can query for all groups to which an application is assigned. You can also query for OKTA_GROUP and APP_GROUP group types. However, once you have a list of APP_GROUP groups (groups that were imported from apps into Okta), you can't currently determine which ones came from particular apps.