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Okta AdminOkta Admin 

Should Meta Data include Attributes?

I have a customer looking to configure a 3rd party tool that has SAML support.  According to the customer, they can load in my SAML metadata and then step through a wizard to "map" the details.   The Metadata generated from Okta does not contain the attributes (first, last, email) that I configured in the SAML app setup.  Should it?  If so, why doesn't it?

My first reaction was that the metadata only defined endpoints and certificate rather than the assertion itself.
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Chris
Okta doesn't put attributes in the metadata, but you can edit the file yourself after you extract it. Or, it might be easier just to "map" it using their wizard.

Attributes in metadata are optional, and most SPs don't consume it.


Gabriel Sroka
Okta AdminOkta Admin
Thanks, any idea why Okta doesn't put it in the metadata?  It is kind of a pain to do it manually.