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Joseph StanczakJoseph Stanczak 

Mimecast Admin v4

With the impending release of the new Admin Console for Mimecast, what do we need to do to get Okta to authenticate and deliver the new admin login page?
Marius FulgaMarius Fulga (Okta, Inc.)
We are aware of this situation and an internal ticket has been created in order to have the app updated from our side.All you need to do is to create a ticket and  the support team will be able to assist you if you haven't already done so.
Kyle YoungKyle Young
Hey Joseph,

I'm in the same boat, the existing Okta app is hardcoded to v3.  I was able to get the necessary information from Mimecast support directly to manually create a custom SAML app and process SSO to v4.  Without a guarantee of the new app from Okta being ready before the 9/6 cutoff I didn't want to be locked out.  Hope this helps.